Research interests
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Mergers & Acquisitions, IPOs, Capital Structure

Target signaling with material adverse change clauses in merger agreements (with
Antonio J. Macias), 2016. Journal of Empirical Finance 39, 69-92 (available at ScienceDirect)

Target financial independence and takeover pricing (with Jan Jindra), 2015. Journal of Financial Research 38, 379-413 (available at Wiley Online Library)

The underpricing of private targets (with John W. Cooney and Mike Stegemoller), 2009. Journal of Financial Economics 93, 51-66 (available at ScienceDirect)

Let’s make a deal! How shareholder control impacts merger payoffs, 2005. Journal of Financial Economics 76, 167-190 (available at ScienceDirect)

Survival and Default of Original-Issue High-Yield Bonds (with Carlos A. Molina), 2003. Financial Management 32 (1), 83-107 (available at
Abstracted in
CFA Digest 33 (3) (August 2003)

Working papers

Intangible assets and capital structure (with Steve Lim and Antonio Macias, 2016)

Time since targets’ initial public offerings, learning, and acquisition pricing (with Jan Jindra, 2016)

Unpublished papers

Prior target price changes, risk, and acquirer announcement returns (2012)

Who’s cheating whom in mergers and acquisitions? How managerial preferences impact attitude, target choice, and payoffs (with Tyrone W. Callahan, 2005)

Why do firms manage earnings? (2002)